Yoko Taguchi 

田口 陽子

叡啓大学ソーシャルシステムデザイン学部 准教授

専門: 文化人類学、南アジア地域研究
フィールド: ムンバイ、インド
研究キーワード: ケア、家事労働、道徳的想像力、人格、自己、市民社会、政治社会、公共空間


Yoko Taguchi, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Social System Design, Eikei University of Hiroshima

Subject field: Cultural Anthropology, South Asian Studies
Field: Mumbai, India
Research Profile:

  • Anthropological research on civil society and social movements in India
  • Ethnographic exploration of care/domestic work in urban India
  • Anthropological theories of personhood, relations, and social imaginaries

Investigating the local concepts and practices of civil society and changes in public space, engaging with anthropological literature and conducting long-term anthropological fieldwork in Mumbai, India. More recently, shifting focus from urban space to inside the house, studying care work and the dynamics of various households and kinship/family relations.

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My book (in Japanese) is out! Between Civil Society and Political Society: Middle-class Citizen Movements in Mumbai. Tokyo: Suiseisha, 2018.


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神原ゆうこ 2020 〈レビュー〉田口陽子著『市民社会と政治社会のあいだ――インド、ムンバイのミドルクラス市民をめぐる運動』 『文化人類学』85(1): 151–153(日本文化人類学会)

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